Monday, September 23, 2013

self-referential 'compassion'

For those interested in the fatal flaws attending on new and improved and 'caring' conflict-resolution agendas in spiritual settings, I thought this blog post -- "straw man koan -- deconstructing the PVL Conflict Resolution Guide" -- had a nicely generic feel to it. The title may be Germanic and the post long, but the thoughtfulness -- whether in Catholic, Jewish, Buddhist or any other arena -- struck me as on-target: Phony-baloney is phony-baloney.

In spiritual settings, so much of what is improved in the wake of sexual woundings or other sorts of quite personal malfeasance is aimed at preserving institutions or the people who run those institutions that those who were wounded in the first place are hung out to dry ... left, if anything, more lonely and bereft than they were in the first place.

The concrete issues may be a tough nut to crack, but the sort of self-referential 'compassion' exhibited in many spanky-new, corrective and improved policies deserves to be called out in my opinion.

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  1. Elliott ( I think ) wrote of the dangers of devising systems 'so perfect that no one needs to be good.'
    With a little tweaking that could become 'systems so perfect that no one needs to be aware or responsible.'