Tuesday, October 8, 2013

countdown to death

Passed along in email:

A watch that calculates the precise second of your death?
'The occurrence of death is no surprise to anyone, but in our modern society we rarely talk about it. I think that if we were more aware of our own expiration I’m sure we’d make better choices while we are alive.'

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  1. I had a client once who was one of those Promisekeeper guys. Remember them? He sent around an email to everyone he worked with about how he estimated how many days were left in his life and filled up a jar with one marble for each day he had left. Then every morning, he'd take a marble out and throw it away. So he could watch his life drain away in kind of a colorful way. I remember a lot of gossip from everyone along the lines that it was morbid and weird. I didn't think it was so bad of an idea. Although the Promise Keeper thing turned me off without my really knowing what it was.