Tuesday, October 15, 2013


OK, so I finished all 40 episodes of the French TV police-procedural "Spiral (Engrenages)" on Netflix.

I guess I must have liked it because A. I finished it, subtitles and all and B. I can't believe there isn't more to come: The tough, ambitious and fragile cast of characters is just too good to pin a "The End" on.

How am I supposed to watch anything else when I know such a nicely-edited, gritty, addicting and intelligently coherent story is out there?

At the moment, I feel a bit bereft.

In keeping with the show, "Merde!"


  1. Its good isn't it ?
    I don't which series you watched Adam, we have had three seasons here in the UK, the quality does not drop.

  2. I have just realised that I missed your reference to 40 episodes which is probably all of them to date..

  3. Try The Killing-also on Netflix. Very dark but also totally riviting.