Saturday, October 26, 2013

separating man from God

Fortune cookie du jour:

The only thing separating man from God is God.

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  1. So, my mother told me to stay within Singapore, refrain from bringing a girlfriend into the house, refrain from wedding and baby bashes. When left with little that require one's attention, Adam's blog amusingly is it - a nice blog to just chill out and wonder what coffee on a Sunday at GMT +8 11a.m.

    Practise the restraints well, I.e. refrain from hartming, refrain from taking what's not given, refrain from sexual (mis)conduct, refrain from harsh/false speech, refrain from liquour.

    That leaves me with thoughts of caffeine and a zen blog.

    :-) and a tiny ant biting my armpit hair as I type on my Android Tablet.

    Buddha Ant. Bodhisattva Tablet. (A lovely Sunday morning)