Wednesday, October 9, 2013

highest-paid public employees

Passed along in email:
When a country places more importance on sports than on academic achievement, its decline is inevitable. 

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  1. from an oh so younger me

    the white wail is the name of this tale
    it comes from the heart of a very nice guy
    a gentleman to his very boots
    a compassionate prince who needs no crown
    a humorous, good natured, everyday sort of clown
    a play fair, and fair of face
    a man who loves both beauty and grace
    a sensitive sort, familiar with the poets
    a soul who lives for the muse
    a man who knows humility
    he learned it when he read walt whitman
    a character who actually
    digested ‘howl’

    he’s a liberal arts hero,
    and the winds in his sail
    he’ll take justice into his own hand,
    and the devil by the tail
    so this ain’t la mancha,
    and maybe noone cares
    but he’s gonna take his best shot,
    just to show ‘em he dares

    well a used car dealer,
    and the chamber of commerce
    bought a young football hero,
    full of wins who lost zero
    and the concession heirs,
    inventoried their wares
    and they offered per diem,
    for a new coliseum
    to put the long legged cheerleaders,
    out where they could see ‘em

    but the times they were mean,
    and the budget was lean
    and they were losing bond issues,
    like sadly worn tissues
    but the board, it was firm,
    and the dean unconcerned
    and the vote like a tide,
    came to erode from inside

    and so they cut his grant,
    ‘twas such a meager libation
    just to finance,
    an athletic foundation
    for a cereal bowl
    that the boys could play ball in
    they cut his funds,
    from a trickle to none

    and they told him no deal,
    when he made his appeal
    to save his department,
    from loss of allotment
    and with a desperate leap,
    he grabbed the presidents feet
    and he bit the fiends leg,
    ‘til he bled and he begged
    and he promised to repent his decision
    but our hero didn’t realize,
    how tortured men lie

    the white wail,
    is the name of this tale
    a song of dissatisfaction,
    and violent reaction
    and the white wail,
    was taken to jail
    that’s how the big money faction,
    reacts to his action
    the white wail,
    is trying to make bail