Sunday, June 28, 2015

early spiritual questions

A fellow who didn't come last Sunday to visit and talk Zen appears to be coming later this morning. I don't know him but imagine he is looking for some sort of support, which, if I can, I will give him. It makes me think back to my earlier times and the two questions that whispered from the shadowed corners of an interest in/longing for spiritual clarity: 1. am I crazy and, 2. will I get sucker-punched?

The answers from where I sit today are,

No, you are not crazy...


Yes, you will get sucker-punched.

On second thought, maybe you are a little bit crazy: Anyone attempting to set aside belief in favor of something more assured is bound to look crazy from the point of view of a 'sane' world.


  1. Sucker punches probably come under the heading of suffering. lol

  2. Ah, develop your skills bro. Keep those eyes open, learn to bob, weave and duck cause some just don't play fair.

    As for crazy, don't keep making the same mistakes.

    In both respects, don't be afraid of making mistakes either.

  3. to keep in silence i resigned. my friends would think i was a nut. turning water into wine. open doors would soon be shut.