Saturday, June 13, 2015

stop time

In the taffy-like humidity that slows my mental and physical step, I think with an emphasis I haven't got the energy to support that it is really quite important to find some way to slow down and consider the life anyone might be given to live.

"Stop time!" A realm in which to knock off the physical and emotional grab-ass and just take a look.

In this regard, I have been fortunate to get some training in Zen Buddhism. I am not recommending it, simply noting what has been useful to me when it comes to "Stop time!"

Just for a moment now and then ... STOP IT! Fuck the virtue and the savvy! Just, for a teeny-tiny moment, shut up and be honest.

A Facebook personality and an oenophile's sensibilities cannot reach, so ... stop it and find the space in which to reach. Stop trying to be yourself and be yourself, if only for a few seconds.

It's a vital capacity, I'd say, but I'm damned if I can say how or why. That's for the Facebook and oenophile crowd.

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