Friday, June 12, 2015

'infidelity' in South Korea

Ashley Madison is seen as the first company in South Korea to aggressively promote itself as a dating website for married people, though other online dating websites and chatting services have long been used as channels for affairs or prostitution.
Among the surprises, the company says, is that more women than men under the age of 45, its most lucrative group, have signed up.


  1. When i was younger than 45 i still had some energy. But i had other things to take care of so i stayed home. I can only imagine what might be going on over there. But whatever it is, i'm pretty sure it's just being human.

    1. So many years have passed again since you and Genkaku first counselled me at e-sangha out of my hopeless romantic endeavours. A decade, honestly, yet seems like yesterday. Iirc, somebody here spoke about the backaches, goodness, in one way I was glad I really got anything other than married, in another way zen practice do get boring when I talk to figurines and portraits all the time as elegant and endearing my Guan Yins have been.

      Singapore banned Ashley Madison upfront like they did with chewing gum. The key advocate General Chan Chun Sing is now working in the Prime Minister's Office, the last time I met him he was holding a simple workshop on dealing with terror threats whether lone wolves or syndicated ones.

      Have hardly been able to take on those bodhisattva precepts, yet there is still a good chance that I am either a virgin or a celibate at 33, Jesus.

      23 when I knew both of you. <3