Sunday, June 14, 2015

Israeli soldiers breach p.r. wall

JERUSALEM (AP) — An organization of former Israeli soldiers dedicated to shedding light on the dark side of the country's military is coming increasingly under fire, roiling a country in the grips of a battle against the burgeoning threat of international isolation and boycotts.
The group, Breaking the Silence, says that without its work, stories of improper or even illegal behavior against Palestinians would remain hidden from an Israeli public that reveres the military. But the group has come under attack from legislators who threaten its funding and say it could help turn Israel into a pariah state.

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  1. If the truth will make them into a pariah state, maybe they should change the things that are true. They could not engage in things that the rest of the world would find horrific. But they apparently see it differently. I'm afraid i'm opinion that humanity does not deserve to inherit the earth. At least not as we are.