Wednesday, June 24, 2015

practical joke arena

Divorce settlement: Half for you, half for me
A curious cusp: A practical-joker whose tall tale inspires widespread belief is then required to apologize because someone else is gullible ... is that the way it goes?
What seemed to be an extreme act of revenge by a husband against a cheating spouse turned out to be a marketing campaign by a German legal information company.
It was a parting statement - literally. A newly-divorced German man, "Martin", recorded himself sawing all his possessions in half, and then put them up for sale on eBay.
On the one hand there are the demolitions of Sept. 11, 2001, and the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq for which no one has adequately apologized, and on the other there is the burgeoning touchstone of skepticism that such legerdemain inspires ... if everyone is a liar, is it anything more than a practical joke to try to winkle out the truth?

It is a lot nicer when the practical jokes don't get people killed.

Practical joking seems to be impractical on the one hand ... but it's so much fun to laugh, on the other.


  1. Here's a collection of cartoons. As a child i thought cartoons were meant to entertain, but historically they've been more about commentary, as is a lot of humor. These straddle horror and political frustration and horrific profits. People get killed, and these "groaners" are all that have been derived from those deaths thus far.

  2. And here's the link i forgot.