Tuesday, June 9, 2015

seriousness and solemnity

Perhaps the difference between seriousness and solemnity is that solemnity is willing to place the responsibility elsewhere whereas seriousness is "all you."


  1. Dear Adam,

    Solemnity took place over the past week or more when the earthquakes struck Nepal then Sabah in Malaysia.

    Seriousness, is when moments ago I found myself staring point blank at a girl's photo young enough to be your granddaughter, and I realised that it may mean something that the elders of two parties talk about marriage on my behalf.

    Liberty is beautiful, yet it is less about a lack of preference, more so that preference may have gotten Mahakasyappa somewhere yet he was without a son despite being offered proper marriage by his parents and his in-laws. Even if the zen patriach had starved himself to death, he still owed his parents and in-laws a grand-offspring. Even if he hid in the mountains till Maitreya appears as a Buddha, he still owed his parents and in-laws a grand-offspring. Part of the reason why I kept coming back as a zen student was less about your spiritual attainments, but more so because you bothered having sons and daughters.

  2. Here's John Cleese on the subject...