Wednesday, September 3, 2014

a real tomato

The juice oozed down my chin, just as it should.

The flavor was delicious, just as it should be.

It was a go-to-hell-wonderful experience more compelling than the solstice.

The other day, my son bought some farm-stand tomatoes and this morning I had one on a tortilla with a little mayonnaise.

A real tomato, not the supermarket pretense with its long shelf-life and no flavor ... the money-maker.

I guess everyone has his or her luxuries, his or her touchstones, his or her swoon.

This was mine.



  1. Yep!..this ones the goods.
    Untapped potential.

  2. Have you seen this?


  3. I love a fresh garden tomato too! :)


  4. I have eaten in some much starred and lauded restaurants and enjoyed the experience.
    But my favourite eating is two slices of good, fresh, crusty, white bread, spread generously with butter, enclosing sliced ripe tomatoes, with a sprinkling of salt.
    Of course the food police will tell us that the white bread, butter and salt are all wicked.
    I don't believe them.