Wednesday, September 3, 2014

the pleasant truth?

Posted elsewhere, but thought I would post here as well:

As a side-note, perhaps -- it is interesting to notice how what is considered positive or pleasant is embraced while what is negative and painful is shunned.

If something is pleasant, does that make it true?
If something is unpleasant, does that make it untrue?

How much effort is expended on behalf of what is pleasant as distinct from what is true?
Just thinking out loud.

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  1. Truth is we seek comfort, and truth has little to do with it. Grasping and aversion, that's why we sit. Not looking for truth in these things so much as just looking for our role in the farce. Lately my practice is a struggle against the need for comfort. Another among many downsides of age. I regret not having looked into these things in my youth. But in my youth, fun took priority over comfort and truth. And the downside of youth was my confidence that i knew the truth. Just spinning in circles in the driveway out loud.