Thursday, September 18, 2014

literal and metaphorical beheadings

Clearly, you don't need a diploma to be an ignoramus, but that that doesn't make the achievement any less disheartening.

On the wider stage, Republicans, Democrats and whoever else can hoist a flag is clambering for a renewed military presence in the Middle East ... even after 10 and more years of failure in Iraq and Afghanistan. "Terrorism" is easy -- peace and jobs is hard. Dick Cheney, Barack Obama, Rick Perry ... roll out the red carpet for the neo-cons, whatever their diploma.

Of course there is an enemy du jour. Once it was "al Qaeda." Now it is the "Islamic State." Obama wants to eradicate this idiot-creep organization which, in essence, doesn't sound all that different from a number of righteous American organizations and individuals willing to see other parents' children interred. Literal beheadings are usually preceded by metaphorical ones ...

It's not always easy to trust the news media and their reporting (thank you Fox News, among others) but the Orlando News Examiner reported Thursday that ISIS has banned the teaching of math, social studies, sports and evolution.

Must these organizations, wherever they are, insist on equating "God" with the stupidity and knock-on cruelty of the human species?


  1. If you want to control people with the fear of god, and smart people don't worship imaginary friends, then you've gotta outlaw anything that might make 'em smarter.

  2. It does not help Olcharlie. God doesnt need supporters, we need him. Us muslims. Ask any Muslim.

  3. It is disturbing when the solution to Jesus Christ today is the Prophet Mohammad.

    Why am I caught sitting on the fence without a stand?

  4. I have to wonder, if we need god, why are we so able to abuse others in gods name?