Friday, September 26, 2014

test result

Today is probably the day on which I will receive confirmation that I have lung cancer. Up until this point, there have been tests and suppositions, but the PET scan Monday will confirm what has merely been believed up until now.

The head-honcho cardio doctor said before the scan that the nodule on the right lung was small and treatable and just getting started and so, comparatively speaking, things are looking up.

I have a hunch that sub rosa, a part of me is anxious and crabby and disbelieving and wishful. There are all sorts of tests and doctor visits lined up irrespective of the PET scan outcome -- treating the matter in a worst-case-scenario format.

Besides whatever unspoken anxiety, it's nice to see the sun shine today.


  1. Well that sucks. Thoughts are with you Adam.

  2. Sure does, get well..FRIEND!

  3. Hope everything turns out ok , Anita

  4. Worst case scenario, you'll make new friends sitting in one recliner among several receiving chemo cocktails and sharing cannabis brownie recipe's. More likely they'll say it's a scar, never mind. Are we having fun yet?

  5. Sending Good Thoughts your way Adam. Kick it's Ass!!!