Saturday, September 13, 2014

shadow of the wishbone

Rationally, wishbones and other soothsaying artifacts, are ridiculous. How is a chicken bone or a rabbit's foot or a coin or even a piece of the "one true cross" supposed to insure good fortune in the yet-to-come? Rationally, we're smarter than that.

And yet, what a long and compelling shadow the ridiculous casts. No matter how many times Charlie Brown tries to punt the football, still, Lucy pulls it away at the last moment and Charlie Brown ends up on his butt...again.

You hoped and believed and set aside the doubts that accumulated based on previous experience and ....

Aargh! Sometimes it's easier to believe what is unbelievable and stupid is smarter than smart because it feels better ... the shadow is too compelling and butt bruises seem to fade into the distance.

1 comment:

  1. Change and stupid being the only dependable things, the choice seems easy. Change comes with fear, but stupid comes with dumb luck. Of course, there's still the buddha's way, but that comes with really, really hard. At least that's how it all looks from here.