Friday, September 26, 2014

the Jon Stewart network

Since the television networks and other 'news' outlets can't seem to offer much more than tits, ass and unrepentant fluff, perhaps it is time to consider making Jon Stewart a network of his own ... as exemplified briefly by this collage/clip sent along in email.

Yes, children, there was a time when people asked the obvious questions and suggested there might be another side to the story....


  1. Works for me. But can they get John Oliver back from HBO? And though i'll miss the Colbert Report, i'm kind of curious what Monsieur Colbert will do to the late night scene.

  2. I'm not sure why, but Colbert's one-note humor puts him in a limping, wannabe category in my mind. He's not really that smart or that funny for my money. Taste is taste and I agree about Oliver.

  3. I was slow to warm up to him. It's not that he portrays a right winged pundit, but that he portrays an approach toward life with zeal rather than thought. We find zeal attractive, there's somebody else who'll do it rather than me. And once we make such a choice, we'd still rather defend it than think. So shouters win, and thinkers grumble.

    Portraying a pundit will certainly appear less smart than parsing out stupidity, but he's stood his ground with congress and white house visits. I can only suspect intelligence is significantly present, can't prove it. But i feel there is a darkness present, just in the popularity of a show that says there's stupidity in charge and you're stuck with that. And this is agreeable to me.

    I'm not alone in hell but have a zealous guardian, hence i zealously defend my choice. Hear my raspberry roar!