Friday, September 19, 2014

news snippets

Bits of news --

--  Scotland voted  Thursday not to secede from its union with England, Wales and Northern Ireland. By a comparison I am probably not equipped to make, the Scots seemed both enthusiastic and civil in their electoral proceedings, as if they could honestly honor the disagreement of others. Maybe Americans who had political opinions could take a lesson from the Scots.

-- The police-state fervor seemed to gain ground Thursday when the Australians sicced 800 officers on  residents based on a rumor that there was a Islamic State plot afoot to behead Australians and put it on the Internet for propaganda purposes:

800 officers employed.
15 people detained: 
Two of the 15 people whom police had detained Thursday have been charged. Nine were freed before the day was over, and the rest released on Friday.... 
Hundreds of Muslims in the Sydney suburb of Lakemba protested the raids on Thursday night, with speakers accusing the government of exploiting public fear in a bid to get contentious counterterrorism laws through Parliament. (emphasis added).
Prime minister Tony Abbott described the raids as "a show of strength," not overkill.  The Aussies "thwarted a plot" that might occur. For some reason, I thought the Aussies might not fall for that politically efficacious ploy. Silly me.

Samier Dandan said police need to reveal
their evidence that led to counter-terrorism
raids. (ABC-TV)

The Muslim community said that the police should reveal the evidence that it used as the basis for its raids.

Silly Muslims.

800 officers; untold man-hours of work; 'thwarting' the terrorist that is part and parcel of every mind; and two suspects who might -- just might -- be guilty of something, if only thinking. The bang for the judicial buck seems dubious at best. The bang for the political buck is more compelling, however corrupt.

Perhaps as a means of proving that governmental action were crucial,
Security is being upgraded at the Australian parliament following "chatter" suggesting extremists could target it for attack.
PM Tony Abbot said Australian Federal Police would assume responsibility for security at the site in Canberra.
The move came a day after major anti-terrorism raids took place in Sydney.
"Chatter" suggests "extremists" "could" be plotting ... so beef up security and trim the rights package.

And isn't it nice to hear that France has joined the United States in its air strikes against IS in Iraq? It's dicey, of course, pretending that "boots on the ground" aren't in the offing, but the U.S. is manfully employed trying to thread that needle.

-- The p.r. has been pretty unrelenting and today, the Chinese e-commerce firm Alibaba finally goes on sale at the New York Stock Exchange. I read the other day that Chinese investors looking to protect/enhance their money were not buying Chinese real estate. They preferred Manhattan, which is largely for sale.

It's a good rule of thumb, I think: Any time there is a sense of wealth and entitlement (stock market, economy, next-door neighbor), it pays to look around and see who's getting screwed and whether it's worth it to be party to that screwing.


  1. The sky is falling! (Give me the tools/support to protect you.)
    What? Everybody's getting on board. Don't be late to the party.
    Hey, you can't stop progress.
    Well if i didn't, somebody else would.
    I was only following orders. I had a duty to do.
    It was wrong? Nobody told me.

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    2. Your missing something. Why only consentrate on only humans and their suffering? We Monotheist say that energy comes fron the only supporter, Allah. We say Allah is on one hand and the creator on the other. Like an equation.

  2. Your writing is so complicated. Makes it hard to respect you. I have for one to push myself to respect you. And then learn what you are saying. I know we are all enlightened, but i am 27 now and i need some substance. You and others gave me nothing before, and yet...

    1. Well from here in Singapore I know one very simple phrase since kindergarten before I learned about Allah - Terima kasih - that's actually Buginese or the Bahasa Melayu and Indonesian 'thank you'.

      Perhaps, see if you can forgive olcharlie or genkaku, over a decade they have been the same, complicated, profound, sometimes even downright meaningless - as a zen follower Lionel here knows nuts about enlightenment, what I do know of as buddhish are the very simple things. Just as I would abstain from beef, I understand approximately why you would do without any poultry or seafood the likes of pork and crabs. Try telling olcharlie the whole evening about this and the enlightenment probably comes by when it's suppertime.

      So, Mustafa are you more of a turkish kebab lover or a malaysian nasi briyani lover.

      :) I'm somewhat glad the Chinese are considering staying away from Syria, they are better off reading a blog like I am..

      ..As meaningless as the entries sometimes are, heh.

      ..Did that joker Homer Simpson just start a zendo?


      اغفر هذه الأوباش من فضلك، مصطفى
      Bunlar affet piçler lütfen, Mustafa
      mengampuni ini silahkan bajingan, Mustafa
      memaafkan ini Sila haram, Mustafa
      ببخش این حرومزاده لطفا، مصطفی
      forgive these bastards please, Mustafa


  3. To Lionel i offer this, Shunryu Suzuki said there are no enlightened people per se, only enlightened acts.

    To Mustafa i would ask, is there a problem you can solve that doesn't invoke allah?