Wednesday, September 10, 2014

sesshin with Eido Shimano shut down

A Zen sesshin/retreat in progress at a Jesuit center in Switzerland has been halted after the Jesuits found out it would be hosted by Eido Tai Shimano.

Below is an excerpt of a letter from the director of the LaSalle-Haus describing what happened.

The retreat of Eido Shimano was not part of our program. The European Rinzai Sangha had rented our guest house and our staff was not informed about the coming of Eido Shimano.

Being a catholic retreat centre we have very strict rules regarding misconduct.

After having been informed of Eido Shimanos coming to our center and being aware of the fact that he is a a controversial figure regarding issues of misconduct, I informed him personally, that he had to leave our center which he did a day after the sesshin had started.


Tobias Karcher
 A more detailed look at the misconduct to which Karcher referred can be found on the Shimano Archive.


  1. Somewhere between the catholic pedophilia scandal and Shimano's own peccadillos, there rests a saturday night live skit that will never air. lol

  2. It's telling how Shimano and his die-hard/rabid followers have tried twice now to rent sesshin space through deception. They tried the same thing a while back with the QuanUm School of Zen people.