Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Atlas for president?

Presidential candidates may be in a dither about who can capture the most votes in New Hampshire today, but for all the spending and posturing and evading and cheering in the nation's first primary of 2016, what concerns me more directly as I skim the news wires is the fact that Atlas is looking for a new home.

Who ever heard of a rabbit -- and we're not talking "Alice in Wonderland" here -- that can grow to be the size of a six-year-old child ... let alone such a rabbit in need of new digs?

Atlas and friend.
I freely admit that my interest in Atlas, who is still growing, opens me to the same charge of "airhead" I might once have leveled at those I considered insufficiently informed or interested by the serious matters of the world. Perhaps, in the recesses of my mind, I would like to vote for Atlas to run my country or anyway bring some straight-forward perspective to life ... eat, sleep, grow, snuggle and, no doubt, multiply. Atlas doesn't pretend to be serious while offering up frivolous nostrums and solutions. Atlas IS serious.

And he reminds me of the old silly, "Question: What's the best way to catch a rabbit? Answer: Hide behind a tree and make a noise like a carrot."

The presidential wannabes seem determined to make noises like a carrot, but they simply don't convince me. And besides, they're not snuggly in my book.

PS. When my older son asked an 18-year-old at the college where he coaches why the younger man was supporting Donald Trump, the multi-millionaire who leads the Republican pack in New Hampshire, the young man looked at him in some astonishment, as if the answer were obvious. Then he replied simply, as if to a naive child, "He's a celebrity."

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  1. I remember a news crew asking folks why they would vote for Schwarzenegger for governor. And i remember one of the answers was that he was already rich enough that nobody could bribe him. Clutching at straws with clumsy tools comes to mind.