Wednesday, February 17, 2016

where the 'spoof' ascends

A spoof is roughly a humorous exaggeration or reweaving of a trend or fact. It relies for its humorous effect on a shared or presumed understanding that is carried to an extreme in search of rueful laughter.

Yesterday, a friend sent along the video posted below. It seems to be a spoof and yet what fell in on me like a brick wall was the question, "What if the shared or presumed understanding no longer existed and the facts of the spoof were all that remained?" What if well-intentioned ignorance and idiocy were the norm and a saner and more thoughtful world were simply a bit of insanity?

The thought scared the crap out of me because it meant that my connection with others was once more being diminished. My 'sanity' was in serious question. My presumptions -- cultural, intellectual and emotional -- were flat out wrong.

Naturally, I recoiled from the vortex of fear this premise nourished. I came up with soothing, intellectually-refined explanations ... TED-talk twaddle ... and yet, I have to admit it, the fear lingered and smirked.

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