Tuesday, February 2, 2016

the best in the world

“He appears to have taken his own life with a firearm,” the Lausanne police said in a statement.
The "he" alluded to in a Guardian story was Benoît Violier, 44, a man whose Restaurant de l’Hotel de Ville in Criessier had recently been named "the best in the world."

Strange diet -- seeking out or aspiring to "the best." Who takes the trouble to parse and assess these two simple words -- "the best." Is "the best" what others call "the best" or is it what individuals lay at their own doorsteps? What is it that qualifies as "best" and if someone had it in hand, what would s/he be holding?

Is there a "better" than "best?" If you reached the top of the mountain, would there be inevitable new heights to scale? If everyone would like to be "best," whose yardstick is employed and how accurate or satisfying is it?

There's no denying the desire. But is the business end of a firearm the best anyone can expect when attaining it?

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  1. We may never know why. Was it being best and not ever wanting to read that he'd fallen from that favor that drove a bullet into his head? I imagine the press is hungry to follow a trail of explanations, but it is a private matter. Being curious doesn't make it our business, but the timing was curious.