Wednesday, February 10, 2016

my vote is for sale

Political navel lint.

Yesterday's New Hampshire primary is over. Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump (Democratic and Republican candidates respectively) won ... big time. And yet the whole thing makes me think that a crowd-funding effort might draw even more votes.

Will someone please set up an auction site in which people can add their names and, with full-frontal honesty, sell their votes to the highest bidder? There is something so perfectly numbing and dumbing about the political charge for the White House that I would rather walk away with a few bucks in my pocket. That way, at least I would have something -- some substance where I don't feel so ground-down and unappeased and unenthusiastic. Instead of a sense that political navel lint is my lot, at least I could buy a Starbucks coffee.

Make me an offer. Any offer at all will do.

And, passed along in email:

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  1. There was a time when i could be bought. But aside from left alone, there's nothing i really want now that i don't have.