Wednesday, June 15, 2016

age and idiocy, age and genius

You'd think...
You'd think...
You'd think...

I mean, wouldn't you think that at the age of 80 or greater there would be a certain smoothness based on decades of experience ... of trial and error ... of just-plain ground-down ... of seeing and having seen? Sure, it may be a presumptuous presumption, but still ... wouldn't you think?
An 80-year-old man killed an 81-year-old man in a cemetery, then led police on a car chase before officers fatally shot him, Rhode Island authorities have said.
John Cloud of Kingston, Massachusetts, and Edward Acquisto of Tiverton arranged to meet on Monday evening in a Tiverton cemetery, where Acquisto was known to go to read his Bible, Tiverton Police Chief Tom Blakey said at a news conference.
I suppose that trying to correlate age and understanding is miles too simplistic for the human animal, but still there is some teenaged desire to have a simple understanding of a complex world.

The only conclusion I can draw is that idiocy, like genius, knows no age.


  1. We are so drawn to hope for more than is here. Here is unsatisfactory.

  2. The octogenarians I know or have know don't seem to have let go of their passions or prejudice. Poor health may be the operative factor in limiting more 80 year olds from engaging in more violence.

    Regarding the men in question, there may have been a love triangle, workplace treachery, a long unpaid debt, schizophrenia, dementia. We may never know.

    We best allow the police do their job, then if needed question their competence then learn what was determined, and we really need to subject the media coverage to intense scrutiny particularly since solid reporting has gone out of style.