Saturday, June 25, 2016

run over your car with a tank

Lousy merchandise?

Political stunt:  (Can't find embed code, but here's the clip.)
Lazarus is proposing tougher penalties and the establishment of an independent ombudsman to help Australians who buy new cars that turn out to be poor quality.
“According to [consumer group] Choice, 75% of new car buyers experience some major issue with their cars in the first five years and of that 15% don’t get their issues resolved, which I think is poor form from the manufacturers.”
I'm not sure of the last time I asked my car to stand the test of an on-coming tank, but I am willing to applaud the focus on poor quality.

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  1. Caveat emptor. Of course we need laws to protect those without skill. But then, such laws just make immense piles of paper harboring loopholes only a very few can manage.