Wednesday, June 1, 2016

American ISIS 'candidate'

Talk about "a day late and a dollar short..."
Washington (CNN)Weekly Standard Editor Bill Kristol and Donald Trump on Tuesday [May 31] traded fresh blows after the conservative commentator had suggested that an "impressive" independent conservative presidential candidate is forthcoming.
Kristol, whom I can't help but think of as a card-carrying member of the American version of the so-called Islamic State (American exceptionalism or bust!), has apparently settled on a lawyer with little or no national name recognition, David French.  "French is a writer for another conservative publication, National Review, and a constitutional lawyer. He's also an Iraq war veteran and a Bronze Star recipient."

As trial balloons go, Kristol's is strikingly flaccid. Trump has pretty obviously wrapped up the 'Republican' nomination and the poor old neo-conservatives seem to feel left out and deserving of a credulity they didn't see fit to woo earlier in the presidential process. A dark horse now is a dark horse indeed. All that's left are the crumbs of egotism... scrambling for attention like a pope overtaken by pedophile priests.

Trump, who as far as I can figure out, has precisely zero track record when it comes to public service, has got all the focus, whatever the reasons. For a 'serious' contender to step forward now is too little and too late and thus smacks of something other than a serious political effort. All I can think of is that it feels lousy to have your agenda blithely ignored: "Lookit me! Lookit me!" And it's not clear at all whether French's relative obscurity is a plus from the point of view of a standard bearer who actually wants his own flag saluted.

PS. Here is a gossipy tale of Donald Trump's similarities with the fuck-'em-all Roman emperor, Caligula.

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  1. The republicans can and have run a second candidate and thrown their means and money behind him. If the dog and pony show of the popular vote can be obscured by hanging chads, i'd think they could find another way to count them.