Thursday, June 16, 2016

the 8-week long "boring" Australian elections

SYDNEY (AP) -- The election campaign underway in Australia is often summed up by the local media with the following words: "A marathon." ''Endless." ''Exhausting." That endless, exhausting marathon lasts a whopping eight weeks — an eternity for Australians who cannot conceive of the years-long campaigning Americans are subjected to by their presidential candidates....
"And so we are back with our boring campaign. Two decent people — Turnbull and Shorten. ... Both dedicated to winning the middle ground; to finding policies that most of us can live with," he wrote. "I don't like everything they stand for; you don't like everything they stand for. But it's not a winner-takes-all contest. Australia will still be there, enjoying the things we've enjoyed under both sides of politics: 25 years of continuous economic growth, a mostly achieved balance between freedom and fairness, the rule of law, multiculturalism, a fondness for each other.
"Boring? Yes. Lucky, aren't we?"


  1. I've often thought it was a mistake not to immigrate to Oz when i was younger. Too old and tired now.

  2. Must be writing to validate the sensibilities of antsy 9th graders ready for summer break.

    Or is the Aussie media priming the audience for their own Putin Trump.