Wednesday, January 15, 2014

life without liberation

I read it elsewhere and, although I don't know for sure that it is a real thing, I can certainly imagine that it might be:
Nothing can be removed,
not the slightest thing is to be added.
Truly looking at truth, truth is seen.
When seen, this is complete liberation.
-- Uttaratantra Shastra
I realize that it might put a lot of businessmen out of work, but as a personal matter, I wonder if there really doesn't come a time when "liberation" needs to be set aside. Nothing rough and tumble, nothing raucous or combative -- just set aside like an empty beer can ... it was good beer, but walking around with an empty can ...?

Nothing can be removed,
not the slightest thing to be added.
As a nudge or encouragement, isn't that enough, assuming someone is in the market for nudges or encouragements?

The anguish of the world is no joke. It's pretty compelling stuff. You can see where "liberation" might offer a bit of light at the end of whatever gloomy tunnel there is. And it's not just businessmen who make a living from gloomy tunnels. Their customers are endless as well. Deep, profound, unexcelled, mystical, edgeless, unshakeable, unrivaled, unconditioned, empty, complete, perfect, unspeakable, peaceful, joyful ... you bet -- the anguish of the world is no joke.

But as a personal matter, once business matters begin to wear a bit thin and things settle down, wouldn't it be a little easier to set aside the liberation tatting and vacuum the living room rug?

Life without liberation -- how about them apples?

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  1. Acceptance is important, but it doesn't rule out accepting the responsibility to fight the good fight. Just don't delude yourself about outcomes. Perhaps it's possible to liberate yourself from delusion, but not from this life.