Saturday, January 25, 2014

the zendo roof fund

A friend called this morning and asked me how the fund-raising was going for the zendo roof. When I said several people had made contributions and that I was amazed to be the object of their generosity, he told me to get off my ass and whine more: "A couple of hundred bucks won't reshingle the roof," he said with some ruthlessness.

And we joked a little about the ability other fund-raisers might show by creating swirly invitations that included "supporting the Dharma" or the "deep meaning" of taking some less-than-profound action like making a donation.

I'm not much good at that stuff. I might wish I had a more compelling tale, but I don't. The zendo roof is shedding shingles; I would like to preserve it; I could use some help... end of story.

The roofing guy, who had promised to come this week to give me an estimate, has failed so far to appear. I do want to get a bead on what the job will cost, so I will wait until Monday before I call him again. He did the roof on the house a number of years ago and struck me as an honest broker, someone worth waiting for.

OK ... nuff said ... I'd appreciate your help.

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