Sunday, December 20, 2015

what happens to your god....

A small spiritual Tinkertoy:

What happens to your god when you do not think of god?

In order to answer the question, the first thing anyone does is to think about it.

Which, of course, does not address the question.

How could anyone's god -- you know the one who is "eternal" and so forth -- be eternal is he/she/it was dependent on your thinking or mine? Thoughts come and go and thus are limited. But god, being eternal and so forth, is not prey to such limitations. Or anyway isn't prey to such limitations when I attempt to think things through.

Somehow I suspect that addressing the question honestly is important. But when the brick wall refuses to yield to the blandishments of praise and explication, I think the ordinary way is to figure (more politely, perhaps), "fuck it!" and return to regularly-scheduled, thoughtful programming.

Churches spring up on Main Street like toadstools after a summer rain and believers abound.

Still, perhaps, now and then there may be some serious soul.


  1. If god is dependent on being believed in, he's probably safe for now as i imagine somewhere someone will be thinking of him 24/7. If he's not dependent on us, why would he be interested in us. Love? Really? If you love someone do you send them to hell?

  2. George Carlin said much the same: