Monday, July 11, 2016

a few words about the word "cunt"

Essay in The Guardian:
At the risk of sounding like a right “CU Next Tuesday”, I think it’s high time we had a frank discussion about the use of the C-word in modern British English and how its usage appears to be increasing in recent years.
However, herein lies the anxiety of using the C-bomb. While I am very happy to use it (a little too liberally admittedly) in my everyday parlance, it still feels slightly shocking to see it written down and one is reminded that, for many, it is still the last word in offensiveness.
Furthermore, my mum is probably reading this and it would really upset her to see it in print. So for this reason, I’ll stick with the C-word where possible, rather than cunt....
I love the Brits for their ability to seem insufferably proper while managing to take things head-on and leaving their colonial offspring (Americans for example)sucking at the tit of impropriety.

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  1. The church of England cured the brits of religion. But we cling to the calvinism of the pilgrims. Cruelty is sanctioned by god, but no cursing is allowed.