Friday, July 22, 2016

photo contenders

In the series Inside Out, Istanbul-based photographer Can Dağarslani blends two people with diverse architectural elements in the search for identity   
A mirrored building in the Osthafen area of Berlin, Germany

‘Taken in Agra, India. A vast majority of acid attack victims are women, with heavy concentration of such attacks occurring in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Shaboo faced an acid attack when she was just one month old, resting on her mother’s lap. The reason is unanswered. The attack killed her mother, and her father was sent to jail. Her brother was adopted by an aunt, who refused to take Shaboo in because of the stigma associated with these victims. Shaboo was adopted by an orphanage ashram in Mumbai, where she received the emotional and financial support to graduate college’

On 16 April 2014, the MV Sewol sank off the coast of South Korea. The tragedy claimed 304 lives, including 250 students on a field trip. Kwon Mi­hwa bursts into tears after taking down her son Oh Young­seok’s funerary portrait from the official altar. Still without answers and justice two years later, parents shaved their heads and held a two-­day march in protest, holding their children’s funerary portraits’

From expansive landscapes to intimate portraits, the top 20 images from each of five categories have been selected by this year’s jury, which includes representatives from World Press Photo, National Geographic, Magnum Photos and more. They will be exhibited at the 2016 EyeEm photography festival in Berlin on 27 August, where the winners will be announced

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