Sunday, July 24, 2016

holding on loosens the grip

Holding on loosens the grip.

Iconic Spanish Civil War photo ... real or staged?

Iconic raising of the flag on Mt. Suribachi ... real or staged?

Both of the above have raised questions about their veracity. I do not intend to chase the tendrils and arguments. Instead I wonder, what is so necessary or important about "the truth?" If it's true, so what? If it's not, so what? Isn't it, in whatever instance, just true ... even if it's false? Does the truth shed any real light?

Yes, yes ... there are social niceties. There is importance. There is unspeakable cruelty and likewise kindness. If it's true, is it improved? If it's false, is it improved? Take it apart. Put it together.

This morning the old ad rattles around puckishly: "I coulda had a V-8!"

Is it true? -- holding on loosens the grip.

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  1. I knew a guy who'd complain when he'd pass along a republican email and i'd fact check it. His fall back was "why ruin a good story with facts?" Truth might not set us free, but in our socio/politco circumstances it beats ignorance.