Sunday, July 3, 2016

doing nothing

Today is Sunday. This may not come as news to the au courant, but to retired mutts like me, there is something rather pleasant about being on the same page with the more socially adroit. Sunday spells weekend to the energized and energetic, but in retirement, the idea of a weekend seems to drift away.

It seems to me that the Christians and their mythos have it about right: God worked for six days and then took a day off. The devout might therefore do the same, in emulation of their pinnacle pundit. Take a break.

Christians may couch this break-time in religious raiment, but I think even the less devout could take a lesson ... assuming they have the discipline ... which I admit, might be hard. Work at whatever seems worth working at. Go for it. Pedal to the metal. But then, every week, devote at least one day to not working. It takes discipline, but it helps to balance the scales, I think. Just one day -- no jostling and rushing and planning and perfecting. Just....

Well, today it's sunshine and blue sky tripping all over itself in its travels to the further horizon. Doing nothing is never exactly doing nothing, but I still think that a conscious effort to do nothing is worth the price of admission. If you need to rely on God, perhaps that's OK too ... just don't do anything for a change ... or anyway as little as possible.

It takes discipline, yes, but isn't discipline a key to peace of mind?


  1. Since i was retired, it seems that every day is Monday. But i do reserve the right to declare it something else, depending on mood, pain level, etc.

  2. Your right, do nothing. Don't do anything until you can see the whites of their eyes. How far has public opinion got
    You do know you have a long lost daughter out there, don't you.

  3. Beware of daughters old son. The have a way of gettin' whatever they want out of ya.