Friday, July 1, 2016

too many jobs, too much affordable housing

A tiny New Zealand town suffering from too many jobs, too many affordable houses and not enough people to fill them has been swamped by more than 10,000 inquiries from around the world after publicising its plight.
“We’ve been getting smashed,” said Bryan Cadogan, the local mayor of Clutha, who has 5,000 unanswered messages on his phone. Thousands more messages came in via email and social media.
Cadogan added: “It has perked the spirits of the locals up hugely, we don’t know how to deal with this, we’re unprepared.”
The rural agricultural town of Kaitangata, in the South Island, has 1,000 vacant jobs, affordable housing and 800 residents keen to offer struggling families a crack at the New Zealand dream.

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  1. Where'd those jobs come from, mass migration away for some suspicious reason?