Tuesday, July 19, 2016

World Whistlers Champtionships

And, among all the other things your mama never taught you ... there is the World Whistlers Championships:
(Reuters) Passionate whistlers gathered at a concert hall in Kawasaki, a city south of Tokyo, on Sunday (July 17) to compete in the World Whistlers Convention. Fifty participants from six countries - Japan, India, Australia, Korea, the United States, and Venezuela - showcased their tunes to judges in the hopes of winning a first-prize trophy. Some brought along their own musical instruments to accompany their whistling, but many kept it simple, using only their lips and a microphone. Participants had to choose either a classical or pop tune no longer than four to five minutes, and no shorter than two, to prove their skills. Judges listened closely for precision in pitch, rhythm, and tone quality, and deducted points for unnecessary breathing noises, or even inappropriate microphone height. Though it is not the first of its kind, the World Whistlers Convention was held for the first time this year to support whistlers and promote the art of whistling. Organizers said it will henceforth be held once every other year.
I can't seem to locate a recording of this year's contestants/winners strutting their stuff. The best I could manage to find was a collage of what happened in 2008. Be a little patient.

It reminds me, somehow, of the Japanese groups that gather to smell incense, be told the name of each in different rooms, and then be reintroduced to those scents to see if they can name each scent in turn. A small matter that can be raised to a high art form. Useless ... and yet....

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  1. My dad told about taking a few mandolin lessons, in his youth in rural Iowa, from an old black man who taught music in all forms, even whistling. Who knew whistling could be taught?