Sunday, July 10, 2016

bullfighter fatally gored

Spanish bullfighter Victor Barrio, 29, is [fatally] gored in Teruel. Photograph: Antonio Garcia/EPA
There was a young lady of Niger
Who smiled as she rode on a Tiger
They came back from the ride
With the lady inside,
And the smile on the face of the tiger.
The passions that bullfighting can arouse are as sparkly as the ritual clothing of any matador. For it, against it ... passion.

All I know is that I personally dislike taunting and killing an animal in pursuit of a more glorious human reputation. I tried going once. Paid good money for tickets. And walked out before the first fight was over. I wish there were some similar recourse in the matter of war....

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  1. #cow #bull Am quite sure Adam being a zen roshi used to take beef because of how his Japanese lineage flows, but this has been quite a spectacular sight on facebook. Am lazy going into details about why in #vedic lineages the moos are sacred, the Buddha was an Indian so I won't make Him a Chinese, a Japanese or an American. Anyways, beef is a huge sore topic in spiritual endeavour. I cannot touch beef, but I also cannot celebrate a male cow goring another. If somebody kills a cow, I already cannot agree with this, if somebody gets killed by a cow that is going to be killed anyway, to me it's #karma but I cannot laugh or jeer because it's bad karma for me as well laughing at somebody's 'accident'. When I try to suppress my laughter I end up laughing even worse because at the end of the day the cow is still going to get killed after he kills his punisher because bullfighting is a one-way death sentence and capital punishment to the moos in the first place. Even if the cow gets crazed and kills his punisher, the death sentence still won't be overturned, but it gives the cow meaning at that very instant, it had to kill, so it had to kill, because its horns were meant to kill. It's #samsara! My point being? Don't kill at all! What matters even more to me is not the death of one matador, it's the fact that if in a few hours time the jury passes judgement against the People's Republic of China in favour of the Philippines, it is literally akin to suggesting that the Filipino performers can simply play the role of the matador giving the much bigger Chinese bulls the ritual before they slaughter the bull. Like the matador that got killed by a crazy bull, these Communist Chinese are crazed people, if the Filipinos annoy them sufficiently with the God-like judgement, the Communists are not known to be religious god-fearing people, they may or imho will just behave like the ox, simply just going berserk and killing the matador-like Filipinos instead.

    Now look, the cow weighs 500kg, it may be stupid, but how heavy is the cow versus the human? The Filipinos may seem heroic, how strong is their military versus the Chinese berserkers?