Saturday, July 16, 2016


Sometimes it scares me, but I've been scared before.
Let me die in a standing faith
In hell.
No more masquerades.
No more petitions or promises
No more blue skies.
Relax and rest assured
Hell will not let you down
And in this provides the
Perfect mercy.

That's my best bet, but I've made bets before.
If I'm chasing my tail
Trying to sidestep hell,
What kind of odds are there
That heaven has any heft?

Get real.
Leave heaven to others.


  1. Searching for that carefully concealed box to tick to opt out. A problem in the fine print that disallows the tired from resting.

  2. Pretty much agree with leaving heaven to others. In the past years a company from Malaysia started a columbaria business named Nirvana, and began expanding operations across SE Asia. It was a good deal, considering how many SE Asian countries are Muslim and the occasional buddhist could use a pureland-like columbaria once in a lifetime. They were aggressively hiring and sold niches and urns at pretty high prices. The reason why I say high is because in most state-operated columbaria, it costs less than $5000 getting a corpse cremated and put in a niche within an urn, but the private buddhiist columbaria were way too expensive.

    In a nutshell, as I continue with my lack of sitting, I felt that if we could actually treat this planet as a pureland while we are alive, it beats the hell out of going to an eternal heaven, or some pureland of a different dimension. Of course when we may have gotten till a certain age, for some the less fuss the better, so anyways I am still here wondering what to fuss over next.