Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Blair and Obama and more war

On the same day that former British Prime Minister Tony Blair stood up to the implicit and explicit criticisms of a massive investigation into British involvement in the Iraq war,

WASHINGTON (AP) -- President Barack Obama scrapped plans Wednesday to cut American forces in Afghanistan by half before leaving office, a dispiriting blow to his hopes of extricating the U.S. after 15 years of fighting. He said he'll leave 8,400 troops to address the country's "precarious" security situation...
Obama said his goal was to ensure the next president has the foundation and flexibility to fight terrorism there "as it evolves." [boldface added]
Blair may come off as a conniving lickspittle, but he at least stood up in ways we don't get to see in America's political school yard. "Obama said his goal was to ensure the next president...." what an obscenity! War as foreign policy: I apologize to the Americans who will die and those who will be held in a "terrorist" thrall in times to come. And that's not to mention the "collateral damage" inflicted as part of one politician or another's bid for patriotic cred that will get him or her re-elected: They're brown people -- who gives a fuck?

Shame, shame and more shame. But children don't do shame, do they?

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  1. My mother made sure i knew what shame was. Among my earliest memories she was telling me i should be ashamed of myself for doing something i can't remember at all. But what i took from my folks was a care for others that many don't seem to feel. Aside from wishing my body was in better shape, and my memory, i'd still rather be me than anyone else. I've some regrets, but the list of things to be ashamed of is bearable