Thursday, April 18, 2013

a bias towards beauty

-- A shameful bias I will have to confess to sits on a small index card in the back of my mind. It is not loud or raucous ... it is just a biased reminder: Beware of people who keep horses: They are often rich and frequently careless of others who are less fortunate.

But that bias does not extend to horses themselves. No horse I have known was ever self-centered.

And so there is something sad about thinking that a beautiful breed -- the "Pura Raza Espanola" - Pure Spanish Breed -- may be headed for the slaughterhouse because of the economic downturn in Spain.

What wealth once raised up, wealth can likewise put to death.

It's just a bias: I love what I find beautiful. 

-- And, in another show of wealth, as many as 30 migrant workers were injured when a supervisor apparently opened fire on some 200 who had gathered on a strawberry farm in Greece to discuss unpaid salaries. No one was critically injured and the supervisor was arrested, but the waxing principle seems to be the same: Be thankful for the work you have ... or I may have to shoot you ... literally or metaphorically.

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