Sunday, April 21, 2013

human rights violations

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black ....

Oh well, I guess it's good to remember that both pot and kettle are, in fact, black.

In response to a Washington report about human rights violations around the world, China has come down hard on the United States, accusing the sometimes self-righteous arbiter of human decency of its own corruptions, "saying that U.S. military operations have infringed on rights abroad and that political donations at home have thwarted the country's democracy."
The report released Sunday in China - which defines human rights primarily in terms of improving living conditions for its 1.3 billion people- also cited gun violence in the U.S. among its examples of human rights violations, saying it was a serious threat to the lives and safety of America's citizens.
'Improving living conditions for its citizens'... talk about a sticky wicket fraught with vast potential for corruption and cruelty in either East or West.

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