Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Life Rules 24, 13, and 35

No. 24: Be your own kind of crazy so others can be their own kind of sane.

No. 13: Don't be lazy: Get used to yourself.

No. 35: Just because something is simple does not mean it is easy.


  1. One of my favorites...

    No. 63: Don't take yourself so damned seriously!


  2. Psychiatrist humour.

    " Welcome to the psychiatric hotline.
    If you have compulsive behaviours press one... repeatedly
    If you have multiple personalities press one two three and five.
    If you are paranoid we know who you are and have already traced your call.
    If you are anxious please do not check on how much this call cost you when you get your bill.
    If you have a poor self image press button press any button you one cares.