Friday, April 12, 2013

my dirty laundry and yours

Russia has put the U.S. on warning: Do not publish a list of Russians banned from entering the U.S. on account of human rights abuses.
[T]he Russian foreign ministry has drawn up its own blacklist of US officials who are alleged to have committed human rights violations.
Sergei Magnitsky
The Magnitsky Act passed by Washington in 2012 blacklists Russian officials accused of involvement in his death. The names - which have up to now been kept secret - are due to be made public on Friday.
Mr Magnitsky had accused [Russian] officials of stealing $230m (£150m) from the state through fraudulent tax rebates. His family and rights groups say he was badly beaten and denied medical treatment in custody.
The posthumous trial of Mr Magnitsky - who died aged 37 in pre-trial detention after developing pancreatitis - opened in Moscow in March but was adjourned shortly afterwards.
If you don't mention my syphilis, I won't mention your gonorrhea.

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