Tuesday, April 16, 2013

"abhorrent and intolerable"

In a 577-page report, an 11-person independent task force issued a scathing assessment today, not only of the torture techniques applied there, but also of the very existence of the Guantanamo Bay detention
center in Cuba, home to 166 prisoners who have been held indefinitely without trial.
[By the end of 2014] the 166 Guantanamo prisoners should be tried in civilian or military courts, repatriated or transferred to countries that would not torture them, or moved to U.S. jails, the task force's majority recommended.
As a slow-poke old fart, I am still waiting for anyone to define the word "terrorist" as meaning something or someone other than what the accuser dislikes and would like to eradicate.

The word "terrorist" has terrorist implications in my mind.

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