Monday, April 22, 2013

altruism or something ... revised

Since I was sloppy before I will try to be neater ...

I'm not entirely sure what I'm on about, but I seem to be on about it:

Not with a million crucifixions
Nor a million tear-drenched nights
Nor a mountain of incense
Nor a prayer that never ceases
Will you ever save or free the world
Unless you free yourself.

This is a guarantee.
You have to cut the crap, now matter how sweet the songs;
'Why?' is the wrong question.
Walk past the precincts of praise and blame,
And free yourself.
Saving the world is not a matter of politics or politesse.

Forswear the dolors of the night,
Burn the book-marked pages,
Raise up the head that burrows in convenient sorrow.
Look things in the eye at last
And free yourself.
This is the price of saving the world, the burning brand.

Standing here, so far from home,
Where loneliness and crucifixion implore,
Learn the dance steps one by one,
The kindest leap or clearest breath,
And then, where all else fails at last, step off the cliff and know
That dancing has no partner and never, ever, was alone.


  1. The curse of writers: the compelling lure of revisionism. :-)

  2. Excellent Adam! Really felt this one. :)

  3. Hard wrought words that make a beautiful pathway... or dance floor.

  4. Just to be ornery, one o' my poems...


    when you're a god
    people leave you alone
    and you're always at home
    and you don't have to phone
    'cause you're a god
    just 'cause you're god

    and when you're a god
    you're never late
    or overweight
    it's just so great

    to be a god
    is to have peoples praise
    singing your name
    they hear and obey

    and you're never wrong
    you're an uncaused cause
    an inscrutable will
    li-iv-ing still

    and other gods
    come over for coffee
    don't have to sacrifice
    everything's paradise
    s'great to be god
    s'nice to be god
    wanna be

    With apologies to Adam for making light.

  5. Charlie -- What the hell do you have to apologize for, you old god, you?!

  6. Not just a god...he can make light ! Go Charlie !

  7. Well, not so much an illuminating light as a skipping off irresponsible light. A cheap trick at best, but a gods favorite sort of hoodoo.