Wednesday, June 26, 2013

brand new bird

A completely unknown bird, the Cambodian tailorbird, has been discovered in Phnom Penh.


  1. I know bugs are not as appealing as birds to may folk..but I was reading recently that if anyone is wanting to have something named after themselves then beatles ( with a small 'b' ) are the way to go...even in these little islands that comprise the UK many species of beatle remain unknown to science...
    I think I will give it a miss..but there it is for anyone keen to have a six-legged stab at posterity...

  2. Peter -- "Beatles" or "beetles?"

    I wouldn't mind being included in the creepy-crawly world of John Lennon. :)

  3. Gosh....being of a certain age I am so macerated in things ' Beatle' that I did not notice that spello...
    But of course you are correct Adam..its 'beetles' that in this context hold the key to name and fame..although I suspect not to riches.