Saturday, June 29, 2013

worm charming

Chairman Mike Forster at the 34th World Worm Charming Championship in Willaston, Cheshire in the UK. BBC photo.

Worm charming.


Nuff said.


  1. I believe that there are several Brits who are rumoured to avoid worm charming, Adam.
    Apparently there may even be one or two Brits that worms find charmless...

  2. Peter -- You must be kidding! :)

  3. No seriously. I know several people personally who do not care for worm charming....hard to believe I know.
    Usually it transpires that they have had a worm related trauma in childhood.
    A growing awareness of this tragic syndrome has led to the setting up of WRIGGLE a body of counsellors that help people get in touch with their inner worm.

  4. In his perceptive and widely-acclaimed treatise, "Worms I Have Known," Sir Reginald Flagler, OBE, went to some lengths to describe and analyze wormulous subgroupings ("Charm Schools") which seemed to come together for the sole purpose of easing the childhood traumas suffered at the hands of careless human beings. "Worms may not have brains," Sir Reginald commented in a 1996 interview, "but they have multiple hearts and those hearts are as powerful and fragile as our own. Worms are people too, you know."

  5. LOL..
    Actually I have to 'fess up. WE didn't call it worm charming , and I had no idea it was a competitive sport..but..when we were kids we used to obtain worms for fishing by watering an area of lawn about a yard square with a squeeze washing-up liquid in the watering can. then we would cover the area with cardboard, and drum lightly on the cardboard with our fingers..
    The worms ( presumably having received signals which suggested that it was night and raining ) would come to the surface in worked.