Saturday, June 15, 2013

lost medieval city found

Passed along in email:

A medieval city that may have been doomed to extinction by its own successes has been discovered in the jungles of Cambodia.

Mahendraparvata dates from about 1,200 years ago and some of its temples have not been looted.

A journalist and photographer from the newspaper accompanied the "Indiana Jones-style" expedition, led by a French-born archaeologist, through landmine-strewn jungle in the Siem Reap region where Angkor Wat, the largest Hindi temple complex in the world, is located....
Jean-Baptiste Chevance, director of the Archaeology and Development Foundation in London who led the expedition, told the newspaper it was known from ancient scriptures that a great warrior, Jayavarman II, had a mountain capital, "but we didn't know how all the dots fitted, exactly how it all came together."

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