Wednesday, June 12, 2013

systemic and symptomatic

Maybe it's a good question to ask: Of what systemic framework is this activity a symptom?

For example, of what systemic framework is war a symptom? And perhaps the answer might be greed. And if that were a credible answer, then treating war with peace treaties could be called a definite relief, but it would not eradicate or even change very much the underlying problem... and the approach of the next war.

Or, as another example, consider the Vatican's difficulties with pedophile priests. Is a case-by-case or revised-policy-after-revised-policy approach actually addressing the underlying systemic frameworks that encourage what the Vatican might claim it wanted to escape?

On a personal level as on an institutional one, systemic flaws that led to unfortunate symptoms might be recognized and accepted with a blase or even heart-felt "it is what it is." Everyone makes his or her own choices.

But never to investigate and try to find out what was symptomatic and what was systemic ... it strikes me as pretty unfortunate....

A life held together with Band-Aids that cover the symptomatic running sores but fail to address the underlying, systemic illness.

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