Friday, June 7, 2013

buried alive

In the news ...

-- There is more on the U.S. government's surveillance of American citizens. As usual with such backward and invasive programs, those who support it may not get everything they want, but my guess is that they will get more than they deserve.

-- In the is-nothing-sacred?! department, Canada is taking Nestle and Mars to court, alleging that they and several other individuals and companies entered into a conspiracy to fix the price of chocolate. As any addict like me knows, chocolate is the Very God of Very God and messing around in those hallowed precincts is worse than apostasy. Go get 'em, Canada!

-- In Bolivia, a seventeen-year-old man suspected in the rape and murder of a 35-year-old woman was tied up, thrown into the grave next to the woman in question, and buried alive.
The chief prosecutor says more than 200 furious local people seized Santos Ramos and buried him in the grave of his alleged victim.
He says residents blocked roads into the village to stop police arriving.

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